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Do I have to create a user account?
You can explore the design tools without creating a user account but in order to check out, you need to create an account. The information you provide for the account will be used to auto-fill your shipping information. Your user name and password become your secure log-on and will give you access to your uploaded images and saved jobs every time you log in.

How do I upload a logo or image and apply it to my document?
Uploading your images or jobs couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the “Images” tab in the designer and then click on “Upload an image”. You will then be able to select the image from a file folder on your system. If you are logged in, that uploaded image will be available each time you log in until you choose to delete it.

How do I re-order?
Any job can be saved for future use, as long as you are logged in under your user name and password. BEFORE you add your design to your shopping cart, click on “Save my Design”. Your project will be available under the “My Design” tab the next time you log in. After you save the project, you can add it to your cart or you may choose to log in at a later time to complete the project.

Can I pay by cheque, money order or C.O.D.?
Currently, the only way to pay for your on-line orders is with a valid credit card. If picking up in store, the payment options we accept are cash or credit card (VISA, Mastercard). All orders must be paid for in full before picking up at the store.

I forgot my password. What do I do?
At the log-in screen click on “Forgot your password” and enter your user name. We will email you your password. Failing that, you can contact us directly to retrieve your user account information.

How do I change my e-mail address with you?
By clicking on the “My Account” tab, you will see all of your previous transactions, and you will be able to access your personal information. Click on “Click Here” and you will be brought to your Personal Information screen. You can change your address information and email address here.

How do I add text?
Text can be added in two ways. By clicking on the “Add Text” button, a box will appear on your design, select the box and add your text, using the text tools to modify it and the box handles to adjust the size. Click on the edge of a box to move it. You can also enter the text in to the font box and then click on the “Add Text” button, modifying it as above. Most templates allow for as many text fields as you desire.

How do I change fonts, colours, spacing, etc.?
The Designer gives you the ability to make changes to fonts, sizes, font colours and alignment. Click on the “Fonts” tab and simply select the parameters before you click on “Add Text” button. If you want to make changes/corrections, simply highlight the text you want to change and make your adjustments. Spacing can be adjusted by moving the individual text boxes. Your DELETE key is for removing a text or image box from the design if you want to delete text in a box highlight it and use your backspace key.

How do I request an estimate from you?
Quotes are provided before you check out. If you want a formal estimate for product quantities, not reflected in the e-store or for products not available in the e-store, please contact us directly at 905 264 6006 ext 126.

What printing process do you use?
We use a mixture of digital and traditional printing processes depending on the product and quantity being ordered.

What if I want something printed that is not offered in the store?
We can certainly accommodate your printing needs, just contact one of our friendly sales representatives to receive a custom quote. You will be required to give your full name, address, and contact information for us to send you a proper quotation based on your requirements.

Can I see samples of other pieces of work you have printed?
To view samples, we would be happy to show you at our e-store pickup location is at 60 Creditview Road, Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 9N4. You can even speak with one of our sales representatives if you have any questions.

How do you ship orders?
We ship all orders using Canada Post and FedEx delivery service, only after the order has been paid in full with a valid credit card. Print orders can take five to seven business days to print before shipping and are generally shipped the next day after production. Customer will be notified of any delays. All non-print orders are generally shipped the next day. Items that have free shipping will be shipped using either delivery service, at our discretion. Canada Post orders generally take up to one week for delivery, but can be longer. FedEx orders generally take up to two days for delivery.

For pick up orders, there is no shipping cost and you'll be notified when your order is ready for pickup. You can select In-Store Pickup during checkout and pick up orders at 60 Creditview Road, Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 9N4. Be sure to bring photo ID and a copy of your order.

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